“A Quick Love Story” to have its world premiere in New York City!

“A Quick Love Story”, a short film that I wrote and directed, has been selected for Australian Short Film Today and will screen in New York, Austin, London, Paris and Berlin!

What an incredible honour! The first screening, and the film’s official world premiere, will be on Tuesday 14 May at the Asia Society in New York City. You can find more information about the screening here.

The film tells the story of a lovable but lonely man who finally meets a woman who understands him. Unfortunately she’s an online survey.

Many thanks to my excellent cast and crew, Andy Ryan#NicoleShostak#AmySummer#MichaelPentecostDale TruemanMelinda Wenig#SamWhittaker#DominiqueFusy and especially my brilliant and multi-talented producer, April Born.

Nicole Shostak and Andy Ryan in a scene from A Quick Love Story.


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