“A Quick Love Story” selected for the Romance Film and Screenplay Festival!

Hot on the heels of its selection as part of Australian Short Film Today, A Quick Love Story has been selected for the Romance Film and Screenplay Festival in Toronto.

The film tells the story of a lovable but lonely man who finally meets a woman who understands him. Unfortunately she is an online survey. It’s a short rom-com for anyone who’s ever given their email address away.

It will screen on 27th June at Imagine Cinemas Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St, Toronto, Ontario.

It is the only film festival I’ve seen where members of the audience are interviewed after the screening to give their opinion of the film. So, if you’re in Toronto, please go along to see the film, and please say something nice about it.

Many thanks to the programmers of this festival who obviously have impeccable taste. : )

Nicole Shostak in “A Quick Love Story”.

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